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Furnitecture is a book by Anna Yudina, Thames & Hudson, London, which includes our project Transformer apartment.

A compact sourcebook of ideas for innovative furnishing, interior environments and small-scale architectural interventions targeted at consumers and designers.

One of 20 Best Architecture and Design Books of 2015 according to AD. ‘Book of the Week’ – The Times

Also includes projects of architects and designers like Zaha Hadid, Konstantin Grcic and Nendo

Home - to live in a house of your own Image

"Home - to live in a house of your own Image" - unique book written by an architect Rachel Sela, which contains our projects.

The book summarizes more than 17 years of research, which helped to develope a method to diagnose the emotional needs of people, and how to translate these emotions to architecture space, light, color and material. It really deals with translating human inner structure into architectural form.

Our project Transformer apartment was published in „Small Homes, Grand Living“ by Gestalten!
"Diminutive rooms, grand possibilities. Small Homes, Grand Living shows how to make use of a limited space and turn a small apartment into a design marvel."

Small Homes Grand Living


Antipasto Magazine, Issue 13, Blessed Harvest Milan, Hong Kong

"is convertible space the ultimate solution for resolving the issue of hign density and little land?"

100% Kitсhen and Bathroom Magazine, issue 7, July 2014
Interior+Design, Russia

100% Kitсhen

Design Milk

Transforming Apartment Maximizes Small Space

AD Magazine

AD интерьеры, 
Квартира-трансформер, 60 м2

CBS News

Transformers: 7 apartments with creative multi-functional spaces


Morphitecture: The Top 8 Transforming Apartment Styles


Out of the Box: 
7 Transformer Micro-Lofts Around the World


Как привести квартиру в порядок перед приходом гостей, 
не вставая с дивана

Archi Expo

A modular apartment that is full of secrets


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