location | Russia, Moscow
area | 123m2
year | 2014

Furnitecture is a book by Anna Yudina, Thames & Hudson, London, which includes our project Transformer apartment.

A compact sourcebook of ideas for innovative furnishing, interior environments and small-scale architectural interventions targeted at consumers and designers.


Kitchen equipment is hidden in a niche behind a hinged partition wall, which slides apart. Refrigerator is also hidden in a separate niche. Bathroom door finishes the wall.


Present concept represents our attempt to create convertible space in a small-sized flat.

in progress

Transformer Apt. was published in a lot of articles on different design resources, mass media, books and magazines all around the world, including such publishing houses as Themes&Hudson (London), Gestalten (Berlin) and AD.

Was one of 10 Best Architecture Posts and 10 Best Design Posts of 2014 according to Design Milk

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