The apartment is divided lengthwise by sculptural structure, which also defines borders of a space. It consists of several transforming blocks, made from black metal framework and plywood.The shape of sharp bends is not random, it was specified by technical characteristics of blocks.Various placement of the transforming elements defines function and purpose of rooms. 


Main part of transforming blocks creates space of a common room. It is three rotating blocks, main one has tv-panel. Block rotates on its axis and it makes possible to look tv from different places- bedroom, kitchen and common room. Two other blocks are folding and auxiliary, they also serve as door opening to bedroom.


Kitchen equipment is hidden in a niche behind a hinged partition wall, which slides apart. Refrigerator is also hidden in a separate niche. Bathroom door finishes the wall.


Present concept represents our attempt to create convertible space in a small-sized flat.


Transformer Apt. was published in a lot of articles on different design resources, mass media, books and magazines all around the world, including such publishing houses as Themes&Hudson (London), Gestalten (Berlin) and AD.

Was one of 10 Best Architecture Posts and 10 Best Design Posts of 2014 according to Design Milk